Monday, August 1, 2011

Where do I begin?

Oh boy... it's August!
One week and counting until I can finally return to school and get my classroom in order. I feel really good about how I left it in June, so set up shouldn't be too bad. Since my daughter's birthday and party are officially over, it's time to start thinking about the new school year.
I feel slightly overwhelmed this year, since I am changing grade levels. Luckily, I don't have to move. There are so many grandiose ideas I have throughout the summer, but when reality hits, I have to reign my thoughts in and focus on just a few.
Here's my list: Bucket Filling: we're starting conscious discipline in my school, however I think bucket filling will be a very nice compliment to the program while we begin implementing conscious discipline. In order to implement this I have to 1. Chose a bulletin board space 2. Print out all the amazing printables I've found on these AWESOME blogs! 3. Figure out "buckets". 4. Buy the books
Rocking Chair Makeover Two days ago I scored this nice rocking chair from a neighbor who is moving away. I would like to give it a really cute makeover. I want it to be cute, but not overly colorful.I'd like it to be kind of neutral to match any theme I chose throughout the next few years. This year my decor scheme is Zebra stripes with Lime green and Hot Pink accents and some black and white polka dots thrown in for fun. I need some "pinsperation", so I'll do some stalking later.
Printing Printing Printing
I've found so many fabulous printables this summer! I have a master folder with hundreds of awesome ideas, posters, centers etc... I must make a new folder of things that I need right now, print and laminate them.
Math Work Stations by Debbie Diller
This is an idea that I love, but I don't have the book yet (yikes!!!). I have to order it ASAP, and get the ball rolling. I am confident that I have the materials that I'll need to build the stations. Along with that awesome rocking chair, I also scored these two shelving units from my neighbor. I think they would be the perfect place to store all of the station bins. I have just the place for them in my classroom too. I really like our Envison Math program, but I think my students also need some extra hands on practice. I hope the workstations provide this "extra" something. I may not implement them until the second quarter this year, I guess I'll play this by ear. Any math station advice would be awesome!! =)
Daily Five and Cafe'
Fortunately I've implemented both last year, and by looping, the majority of my kids will know what to do. =) I just have to brush up on both and figure out how I'll integrate it with my new second grade curriculum.

It's been a nice and relaxing summer. I've enjoyed every second with my little girl, and I've loved stalking blogs and pinterest, but it's time to get to work!! =)
Happy Blogging and Happy New School Year!!!


  1. Jackie, I am right there with you! I have found SO many new ideas and I haven't even been doing this as long as you have. I already have my classroom to-do list started and I am trying to relax and enjoy this week before getting into my classroom next week. I am planning on being there Monday and Tuesday next week too. I am so excited but also starting to feel a bit overwhelmed with everything on my to-do list PLUS I'm still trying to finish The Book Whisperer.

  2. I am planning to do bucket fillers this year also, and I saw a great (and inexpensive) idea for the buckets on pinterest...can you believe it? Anyway they are made out of clear plastic's pinned on my classroom ideas board, go take a look!


  3. Thanks Jackie!! What a great and "cheap" idea!! I just happen to have a "million" unused solo cups from my daughter's birthday party. How perfect!! Thanks for the great suggestion! =)

  4. I just have to share! I am going to use a shoe organizer with colored Solo cups put down in the organizer for my buckets. :) The organizer hangs over the closet door (on the outside of the closet) in my classroom and students' numbers are above the shoe hole where the cup will go. I am going to label the cups with students' names. :) Blessings,

    Melly <><

    Second Grade Strategies for Sizzlin' Second Graders!


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