Monday, August 8, 2011

Jackie's set up... Day 1

I've been so fortunate to have been in the same classroom since we opened our school in 2006. I've become accustomed to packing it up and getting it ready for summer school. When I come back in August, I know exactly where everything is, and unpacking takes less than a day. My very awesome principal let me stay in my classroom this year even though I am looping to Second!! What a lucky girl I am!! =)
Unfortunately, my sister hasn't had the same luck. =( Since she started teaching at our school in 2007, she's moved into 5 different classrooms in 5 years! She's our resident nomad and definitely holds the record for most classrooms!! This year is no different as she settles into a nice big corner room in which she will co-teach. Her pictures are soon to come.
In the mean time, here's my not so difficult set up...

This is the view from the door. For a first(now second) grade classroom, it's huge in comparison to other classrooms on the first floor.

This is the extent of the mess that I have to organize. Not too bad!! =)

This is the view from my whole group teaching area.

I was able to get a lot accomplished today. =) This is a pic of my library. I need something to cover my circle table... possibly a Zebra print table cloth?

Close up of my books... I would like to make some new labels. As you see, each basket has a number, and each book inside of the baskets have the same number on a colored circle sticker. This makes it easy for the kids to put the books back in place. Thanks to the "sisters" for that brilliant idea!! =)

These are pictures of how I organize my word work supplies, my math manipulatives, and classroom supplies. As you can see I use clear plastic shoe boxes and a wire shoe rack. I also got this idea from the "sisters".
I'm getting there, and I'll be back in there on Wednesday to set some more things up.
Happy Blogging!!

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