Thursday, August 4, 2011

Advice for New Teachers... Linky party!!

So I'm a bit obsessed with really awesome linky parties!! My good friend Cindy at Fun in Fourth Grade is hosting her very first linky party!! =) What advice do you have for beginning teachers? If you've got some great advice to share, check her out, and link up!!

Jackie's Advice:
1. Read the Daily 5 (I WISH I would have have had this my first 9 years of teaching!)
2. Be firm and consistent with your discipline. You're their teacher, not their friend.
3. Set your rules, expectations, and your procedures on day 1 and practice them until they become a habit (the Sisters call it muscle memory).
4. Ask the veteran teachers for help. We won't bite!
5. Take lots of pictures so you can remember everything.
6. Have fun... it's very overwhelming, but try to enjoy yourself!
I hope this is helpful to you newbies!!
Happy Blogging!!


  1. Thanks for linking up Jackie! These are all great words of wisdom! I too wish I would have read Daily 5 my first year!

  2. Totally agree with #4! I'm not sure I would've made it through my first year of teaching without the help of the veteran teachers on my team!

  3. Great words of wisdom Jackie! I agree with all of them, especially the Daily 5 and Cafe. I wish I would have had that my first year teaching. It really gives you the freedom to concentrate on other things, rather than putting together centers that aren't really effective.


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