Saturday, August 6, 2011

Print, cut, laminate, cut, repeat...

I am SURE everyone has done, doing, or will be doing what I am doing right now! Printing, cutting, laminating, and cutting again all of the FABULOUS finds from each others blogs! I printed so much, that I thought my printer would blow up! Luckily it only ran out of ink on my last page!! =)

Christie at Teaching In Flip Flops has been a God send to me this Summer!
Since my new design decor will be Zebra stripes with hot pink and lime green accents, I found these awesome goodies on her blog!

My Sister and I are super excited about being "Bucket Fillers" this year! I found these way cute signs to go on my bucket filling bulletin board and around my classroom. Thanks so much for Mel. D at Oh The Places We'll Go for sharing!!

I definitely needed some new labels for my guided reading books, so I found these cute labels from Mrs. Freshwater's Class. Thanks you so much! They'll look beautiful on my guided reading baskets!

Finally, while stalking Pinterest (that one time),I found these amazing quotes that would go perfectly in my classroom! Shannon at Sweet Blessings designed them. I LOVE them and I think they'll really make the kids think!!

Thanks ladies for all of these AMAZING printables!! I can FINALLY get into my classroom on Monday, so stay tuned for before and after pictures of my classroom!! Back to cutting and hopefully laminating!!
Happy Blogging!!


  1. Wow! You have been busy this weekend Jackie! I'm so excited to see how everything will look together. (I'm sure it will be beautiful!) What awesome things you have found!! I get to go into my new classroom on Monday! This will be my 5 classroom! Can you believe that?? I'll have to make sense of everything before I come over (with a new ink cartridge of course)to print out new Cafe and Daily five signs. Great job with all of your new material! I'll see you on Monday!

  2. Thanks Yellie!! Come on over with some card stock and some ink! We have a Kodak printer it uses 10B and 10C ink... you can get a combo pack from target for around $20! =)See you Monday!! -Jackie-

  3. These are all super cute!! I am in need of Calendar headers and I can't seen to find any! Please let me know if you find some cute ones, otherwise I will have to make my own LOL

  4. Love those quotes! I'm going to have to go get me some of them!!!

    We should do a joint give away for being at almost 50 and 150 followers! Whatda think?

  5. P.S. Does one have to go through the Facebook thing for pinterest?? I'm clueless and wanna join the craze but not sure I should allow the Facebook thing. Thanks!!!!


  6. Love the ideas of putting up the quotes around the room! I've been printing and cutting out things too. I just can't laminate until I go back to school. Have fun in your classroom on Monday.

    Spotted in Second Grade

  7. I.Need.A.Color.Printer.

    I can't wait til I can print out all the cool stuff I have found too!

    Quench Your First

  8. Just found your blog!! I found my buckets at Hobby Lobby!


  9. @Marcy...that sounds good!! My sis and I have to discuss possible things to giveaway! =) You don't necessarily have to do Pinterest through facebook. You can just enter an email address. If you want me to send you an invite, let me know. My email address is

    @Amy... Thanks so much!!

    @Tina... we have a Kodak all in one color printer (it can print, fax, scan, and copy). We got it 2-3 years ago for around $150. It still works perfectly. The pictures are beautiful! The ink is really "cheap" too. You can buy a combo pack for around $20. It's awesome!!

    @Christina... thanks for the info!! We have a new hobby lobby, pretty close to my sister's house. I'll have to have her pick them up for me. =)

    Thanks so much for the positive comments!!


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