Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I found this great idea stalking pinterest.

I absolutely love this chart! Students should definitely know what part of the writing process they are in.


  1. Ooh I like that. So simple and doesn't take up too much space! I also liked the "Problem Solving" poster you pinned.

  2. That is super cute! I can see some former students claim to be in the "thinking" stage more than they should be though! ;) Little stinkers!!

    Look at you girlies! 134 followers! Hooray for you! How'd you do it?! =]

    Marcy @

  3. i totally understand pinterest stalking...i do it 5 times a day!! ;)

    i LOVE this idea!!! i might have to 'steal' for my class!! thanks for sharing!!

  4. Does anyone know where you can get the vinyl folders that were used in this? I've been searching everywhere, but can't find anything!


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