Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Another Amazing Giveaway!!!

To celebrate 150 followers, Tammy from "Live Love Laugh Kindergarten" is teaming with Dreamlike Magic to give away a new blog design! The winner may choose a pre-made blog design from Dreamlike Magic's ETSY shop! Check it out!!!

Live Love Laugh

Dreamlike Magic Designs

-Jackie and Danielle-


  1. A few questions....how do I repost this to my blog? You know, for the all of 2 followers I have so far, one bing you. [=

    And secondly, how do I link up to a linky party? I want to join the fun!!


  2. OK, first to repost this, I would just copy and paste what I wrote. Then I would go to both blogs and grab their buttons, and copy the HTML code and paste it right under the words that you copied from me. Then post. I am sure there is an easier way, but I haven't found it yet.
    To link up to a linky party, you have to go to the Original linky party, click on the little icon that says "link up" or something like that. Then you post something on your blog about the subject you're linking about.

    I hope this was helpful!!

  3. Super helpful! Thank you for taking the time to "mentor" me! I catch on fast...promise!!! ;). On my agenda today is to figure out how to include pictures in my posts! I had a visit from Mr. UPS man yesterday with a box from Vistaprint!! :)


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