Saturday, November 17, 2012

Lots of things swirling in our heads...and a SALE!!

Hi Friends!! Now that we're on a very awesome 9 day Thanksgiving vacation, we've got some time to work on a few different units that have been swirling around in our heads. Our students have absolutely loved our Magic Tree House Thanksgiving units, so we've both decided to continue learning about Jack and Annie's adventures through some different stories. =)
It's almost Christmas time, so Jackie is working on a 2nd/3rd grade Common Core Unit for Magic Tree House book #29 Christmas in Camelot.
And, just in time for Winter, she is going to do a 2nd/3rd grade combination Fiction/Non-Fiction unit for Magic Tree House book #12 Polar Bears Past Bedtime and the Fact Tracker Companion: Polar Bears and the Arctic.

Danielle wants to write some units for a couple of her small groups. She thinks Magic Tree House #1: Dinosaurs Before Dark would be a Good Fit Unit for her three lower students to work on with scaffolding and lots of support.

She also thinks Magic Tree House book #35: The Night Of The New Magician would be a good fit for her medium group with scaffolding and support and for her high group to work on independently.

If you and your students enjoyed our Election and Thanksgiving units, then you're sure to enjoy these units!! We will blog all about them when they are done!!

We are so excited to be on "vacation"!! To celebrate, we are throwing a sale in our TPT store!! Everything is 20% off including already reduced items!! You can access our store by clicking this link: Sister Teacher's TPT Store

Have a fabulous Saturday!!! Happy Blogging!!

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