Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Some Bunny Loves Your Blog and some Blog Lovin'!

Last week, sweet Melissa from Don't Let the Teacher Stay Up Late  gave our little blog some love through the "Some Bunny Loves Your Blog" linky party hosted by Christina Bainbridge of Bunting, Books, and Bainbridge.  My sister was here with me as I read this post and we were both giddy with excitement because of this super sweet gesture!  This linky part is such a great idea, and it's "filling buckets" all across the bloggy world! We wanted to send some love back to our bloggy friends!! This is really hard to do though because there are SOOOOOO many awesome and amazing blogs out there! We are picking two blogs... 'cause there are two of us!! =) 

We're giving love right back to our friend Melissa!! You MUST go check out her blog! She's a title 1 reading specialist in Virginia and she makes some super cute and super fun products and ideas for students in 3-5! She has some great posts about the different books she uses with her groups. About a month and a half ago I reviewed and edited {not really, they were already awesome} her St. Patty's Day literacy centers. They were great, and my kids loved using them {wish I took pics of the kids using them}!!  

We're also giving love to Smedley's Smorgasbord of Kindergarten! I absolutely love reading his blog posts.  He's witty, hilarious, super creative, and so engaging. Even though his kiddos are covered with cute little mustaches, you can tell that they are learning SOOO much and having a grand time doing it! Anyone who has ever taught Kindergarten knows that Kindergarten teachers are born, not made. It's evident that he's found his niche, and he's loving every minute of it! I also LOVE, LOVE, LOVE his crazy hats!! They're so much fun! I wish I lived in Nashville just so Makenzie could be in his class. =)

I LOVE following blogs! There are hundreds, maybe even thousands of super creative teachers with blogs out there. I follow A LOT of them. Following them isn't the easiest though. I use the reading list found on blogger. I can only use it when I'm on my computer though. Many people use Google reader, but as of sometime this Summer, it's not going to work with blogger blogs anymore. So what do we do? Follow through Blog Lovin'! I just found it yesterday, and it's already my new favorite thing! You can follow your blogs on a computer or if you have an iPhone or iPad, you can download App from the app store. It's really easy to use and to set up with your blog. I LOVE the fact that I can check out blogs where ever I go with my iPhone APP. Now, I won't miss any important posts!  So... Follow my blog with Bloglovin!
Happy Wednesday!! 


  1. You're so sweet to send it back to me! I've seen Smedley's blog before and love it, too!

    Don't Let the Teacher Stay Up Late

  2. I have to check it Blog Lovin'. I am not sure how I am going to transfer the hundreds of blogs I follow :)
    My Second Sense

    1. Hope you like it, Tania! It's super easy to transfer all of them. =)


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