Sunday, March 17, 2013

It's Your Lucky Day and a Giveaway!

 Top of the mornin' to ya!

Today is your lucky day!! There are tons of bloggers out there who have put their stores up for 20% off today {our sale is going to last until Tuesday}!! We're one of them, so we're linking up with Mrs. Wheeler's First Grade to tell you all about it!

{Button designed by Mrs. Wheeler with graphics provided by Mrs. Stanford, Creative Clips, Primary Paradise, and Mrs. Cupcake}

When you click the pictures, you'll be redirected to our store. Here are a few of the many items that you can find  for 20% off today through Tuesday: 

If you're a first, second, or third grade teacher, this number of the day pack will work for your class! It's based on 2nd grade's CCSS, but your high firsties or third graders who need some extra practice can surely use it! This pack comes in seven different themes, so you're sure to find one that matches the decor in your classroom!  It's my plan to have them for all grades k-5 by the end of the summer!! 

Do you create products for your own class, TPT, or TN? The frames and digital paper below would be a great addition to your collection!!

Be sure to check out Beach Sand and Lesson Plans Birthday Bash Giveaway!! Gina has featured us in her giveaway today!! We're so excited!! WOW!! 

Hope you all have a SAFE and very lucky St. Patrick's day!! If you're having a sale today, be sure to link up with Mrs. Wheeler's First Grade too! 
Mrs Wheelers First Grade


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