Sunday, February 24, 2013


Happy Sunday!

Before I begin my Sunday cleaning regimen {blehhhh}, I've been doing some blog hopping. There are two awesome giveaways going on!! Hop on over to Teaching and Tapas, she has a HUMONGOUS giveaway going on! There are over 100 teaching products up for grabs!! She has 5 different rafflecopters going on (k, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th/5th)! I hope I win the 2nd grade one! Fingers crossed!!

Tonya at Tonya's Treats for Teachers is celebrating 700 followers!! WOW!! She has an awesome giveaway with help from 26 different bloggers!! Again... I hope I win! Fingers crossed!!! =) 
Ok... I've procrastinated enough. It's time to clean... ugggg. I'm not looking forward to cleaning this messy mess of a playroom below!! We just cleaned it last Sunday, but Makenzie is like a little tornado! I can tell her that everything has a place and she should put everything in its place until I'm blue in the face, but she doesn't listen. I can't blame her though... I was a HUGE mess maker when I was little and a bit older too. I wasn't on top of my messes until I was in COLLEGE! Now, I'm a neat, neat, neat, neat freak... especially in my classroom. Ahhh... wish me luck!!

Hooray... we're done!! It didn't take as long as I thought it would! Here's the after pic... she has WAY too many toys, but she freaks out if I try to give them new homes. I'm going to have to break her of it. We have to talk to her about how there are lots of children who don't have toys and it would be very nice to give them some. She's very compassionate, so I'm hoping that she'll understand. If not, I'll just do a sweep of her playroom when she's spending a weekend at Nana's house.  It has to be done. ugggg.  =)

Have a Super Sunday! I hope Les Miserables and Jennifer Lawrence pull out wins tonight at the Oscars!!


ps... the pretty yellow paper is from Ashley Hughes, The School Supply Addict and the swirly borders are from The 3 AM Teacher, These ladies are so talented and so generous!! =)


  1. Thanks for posting about the giveaways - I'm off to enter now!

    Boy she sure does have a lot of toys - have fun on clean-up duty :)

    I'm with you on Les Mis! Can't wait to see the results.


    1. You're welcome!! Have fun entering and good luck!! =) Go Les Mis! =)

  2. What a pretty play room!! I used to clean out toys one of two ways. Sometimes I let them decide what should stay or go. Other times I would just clean out what I thought should go and they never missed it! Often old toys were replaced with new. There were times they would say "where is my such and such toy?" Then I had to make something up! LOL! Now they are 12 and 10 and they are not into toys! YEAH! Thanks for the giveaway links! Entered them already!
    Beach Sand and Lesson Plans

  3. Wow! Extreme playroom makeover! I have a playroom that looks like the before picture too! Just entered the giveaways!Thanks!
    Head Over Heels For Teaching

  4. That’s a pretty playroom. My daughter would power through it like a Tasmanian devil.


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