Monday, February 4, 2013

breakin' the law... breakin' the law

Hi Friends!
It was bound to happen in this pinterest inspired time we live in. I broke the fire code! {GASP!!!} Oh no!!!

I didn't do it on purpose, I swear. I really thought the the fire rule was 70% wall covering in a sprinkler building. Apparently it's only 50%. Whoops! My bad. I didn't get in trouble, but I had to remove some of the coverings. It stinks 'cause the walls aren't the prettiest, but what can you do? So here's my before picture of the bulletin board that I was so proud of a few weeks ago...

...and here's the after. Notice the sign missing from the top, and the bulletin board literally cut in half! I had to smoosh some stars in there too. Oh well! I'm all about complying and being a good rule follower, so I guess it's not that bad! I've learned my lesson, and I will no longer have floor to ceiling bulletin boards {even though they look cool!}. 
Taking down the title of this board left me with little dilemma. If you walked up to it, you'd have no idea what you were looking at, so I updated the board by adding speech bubbles above their pictures with their personal reading goals. MUCH BETTER!!! They are going crazy with their independent reading goals! Especially these two!! 
So that's my story about "breakin' the law". Have you ever gotten yourself in and out of the hotseat? =) 



  1. Haha! This year I had to tear down the bulletin board paper behind my display wall for the kids' work. He said if I didn't do it before he came back he'd rip it down himself. So I took it down and had to redo the whole thing.

    But, you'll see if you look at my post from today, I'm breaking another code....oooooops! ;O)

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    1. I LOVED your post from today!! Wow... I can't believe the fire marshal actually said something to you. In our school {district possibly?}, they just walk through, and write things down. Then they send our principal a list of things that broke code. My sweet as pie AP came to my room to tell me about my code breaking. She was so apologetic about it too, 'cause she knows how much time it takes to do these things. Oh well!!

  2. I think it's so strange how the fire code varies by county and by state. We can't hang stuff from the ceiling, yet I've seen pictures of other schools around the country doing it. I think it also varies by fire marshal. Last year one came through and made us take down all of the door stoppers. Which in the last 10 years had been completely fine!

  3. Oh I've been there. The fire marshall came in my room twice and I had a coffee pot on! I was trying to pretend like I didn't notice her but then she interrupted my teaching to "remind" me that coffee pots are not allowed. Now I make my coffee right when I get to school and clean up before the kids come in!
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  4. I guess you missed my blog about the FIRE MARSHALL...yeah I had to rearrange my walls, which led to rearrange my room...I lost my cute bunting and word wall(ish) area...snow flakes came was a sad day in second grade, plus it was my birthday week too! But Fire Marshall Buddy was quoting the law that day and helped me take down a few things before he deconstructed my neighbor's closet! Ah the joys of 50% wall space and every inch counts now, not just the exposed cinder blocks or dry wall! I fell your pain ladies!

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