Friday, January 18, 2013

The Quietest Classroom Sharpener... it's quiet! =)

Happy Friday Friends!! 

Hope you all had an awesome end of the week! I'm sick AGAIN {ugggg}. I'm totally bummed 'cause I would rather be at an Orlando Magic game {with my sister} than sitting on my couch, but I actually had a really peaceful and highly productive day. My students were off and I had a teacher work day. I was able to cross off 7 out of  8 things on my "to do" list!! Not too shabby! Sometimes you just need a day by yourself to catch up!
Number 1 on that list was to try out my very awesome new sharpener from Classroom Friendly Supplies!! I love it! It makes pencils so nice and sharp. While it's not totally silent, it makes a LOT LESS noise than my electric one or the ancient wall cranking one. I was able to hold a conversation with my teammate, Melissa while I was sharpening... and we didn't have to shout!  The best news is that I don't think it will make me crazy! =) I may even allow my students to sharpen pencils during school hours, not just before school and at clean up time.  Of course it will have to come with some new procedure practice and lots of modeling!! 

These fabulous sharpeners come in four different colors {blue, red, green, and black}. Check out Classroom Friendly Supplies to order yours! 

You can actually still win one of these awesome sharpeners through our 300 follower giveaway!
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Sister Teachers
Happy Friday! 


  1. Best sharpener ever! I had to do a lot of modeling and practice. The pencils never break! Doesn't work with colored pencils. I use my old electric sharpener for those.
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    1. Thanks for the tip! I should make a procedure poster for it so it doesn't get broken. I'll definitely emphasize "No Colored Pencils"!!! =)


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