Sunday, October 28, 2012

Tons of Credit!!

I am finally finished with my first Common Core ELA unit! My unit focuses on Magic Tree House Thanksgiving books (Thanksgiving on Thursday and Fact Tracker: Pilgrims)!! Last year I read my class both books and did some basic things with them. This year, I wanted to really dive into them, write about them, and get into the meat and potatoes of the first Thanksgiving. With this unit, I believe I will accomplish those goals. I hope I have allotted enough time to do so. :-) After working on my unit for the past few days, I am shocked by how much time really goes into writing, revising, editing, revising again, and finally publishing a quality unit. I give my fellow TPT sellers tons and tons of credit for creating such master pieces over and over again! They are true masters of this profession! Please check out my latest Thanksgiving unit and tell me what you think! I appreciate any and ALL feedback! Happy Blogging!!
Common Core ELA Magic Tree House Thanksgiving Unit

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